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The proposed West Okotoks Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a statutory plan that upon approval will guide the development of approximately 1,056 acres of land annexed to the Town of Okotoks in July 2017.

At full build out, anticipated to take place over a 30 – 50 year period, the WOASP plan area will form a complete community comprised of a number of neighbourhoods, a range of housing types and forms, a significant and interconnected open space network and commercial hubs that meet the needs of existing and future residents.


  • Identify opportunities and constraints

  • Establish a future transportation network

  • Identify future neighbourhood boundaries

  • Establish a generalized future land use concept consisting of:

    • Residential areas
    • Environmental open space
    • Community commercial areas
    • Neighbourhood commercial areas
    • Future school site locations
    • Regional and local pathway network
    • Interface areas
  • Establish a water, sanitary, and stormwater servicing strategy

  • Establish comprehensive policy to supplement the land use and servicing strategy

  • Identify a phasing and implementation strategy

  • Guide lower tiered planning efforts (i.e. outline plans, land use and subdivision matters)

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0 Neighbourhood Hubs
0 School Sites
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